1-3 November 2021
David Intercontinental Hotel Tel Aviv, Israel

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IEEE Israel Section

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

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Education & Careers

IEEE offers a wide range of learning and career enhancement opportunities within the engineering sciences, research, and other technology areas.


IEEE provides access to current information, emerging trends and practices, enhancement of the worldwide value of your profession in the industrial and manufacturing field.

Education & Careers

Expand your network with colleagues who share your expertise and commitment. Collaborate with IEEE colleagues to build a support group for your profession, industry, or project.

IEEE Membership Info

Uncover IEEE member benefits that are most relevant to you. Use the Global Benefits finder below to select your current career phase and country, then select “Go.” Your results page will render a list of key IEEE member benefits that can help you accelerate your career plans and help you grow as a technology professional.

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ICSEE 2022

Further to the success of the previous convention which took place in Eilat in 2018 and attracted more than 300 scientists and engineers from around the globe, we anticipate a great success in  the next convention which will be held in December 2022 in Tel Aviv.

Conference highlights:

  • Symposium on Deep Learning
  • Symposium on Optoelectronics
  • Symposium on Circuits

Best Student Paper Competition  2022

A few reasons why you should join IEEE

You will be added to the mailing list of IEEE and therefore get to know about all IEEE Israeli chapter and worldwide activities and products (books, courses, seminars, video tapes, etc.) that can enhance your professional knowledge.

You will get IEEE Spectrum, easy to read, informative E-magazine, for no additional charges.

You will be eligible to a significant discount on convention’s registration.

Collabratec is the only platform that unites the IEEE technical network globally. Collabratec offers IEEE Members…

  • Collabratec provides users with ability to setup Workspaces. Workspaces come with file storage and management capabilities as well as real time file edit/collaboration (if desired). Files are “owned” by the Workspace. Workspace owner and moderators can manage any file, while individual users have access to the files they have uploaded. Workspace owner can choose who is part of the group and also assign moderator privileges.
  • IEEE members can launch Google Meet (a business web conferencing tool) directly from a Workspace.
  • Exclusive access to the global IEEE member directory, with robust filtering options, enabling networking with verified, IEEE members
  • ‘myIEEE’ access to their Section, a convenient gateway into the local member network, events, and other activities
  • Exclusive Workspace privileges, e.g. the ability for each Member to own 30 Workspaces with up to 300 participants per workspace
  • Exclusive recognition through IEEE membership badges, and personalized certificates of IEEE and Society memberships
  • Profiles showcasing IEEE memberships to IEEE Societies and other member affiliations, updated automatically
  • Profiles showcasing Volunteer positions, present and past, updated automatically

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