IEEE Israel is led by a diverse body of elected and appointed volunteer members. The governance structure includes boards for operational areas as well as bodies representing members in universities across the state of Israel.

Management Council:

Dr. Aleks Dyskin

Shmuel Auster


IAI Elta Systems

Dr. Aleks Dyskin



Prof. Pavel Ginzburg


Tel Aviv University


Ms. Idit Schaffer עידית שפר

Manager, Society of Electronics Engineers, AEAI

Phone: 03-5205818


Audit Committee: Dr. Jacob Baal-Schem Rafi Hoyda
Membership Development: Dr. Itsik Bergel
Bar Ilan University
Chair, Students Affinity Group: Ms. Dariya Prilutskiy
Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Chair, Young Professionals Affinity Group: Ms. Einav Grynszpan
Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Acting Officers:

Aerospace and Electronics Systems AES Prof. Yaakov Oshman
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
Antennas & Propagation
Microwave theory & Techniques
AP/MTT Mr. Shmuel Auster
IAI Elta Systems
Circuits and Systems CS/CAS Prof. Shahar Kvatinsky
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
Communications COM Mr. Itai Dabran
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
Computers C Prof. Avi Mendelson
Technion, Israel institute of Technology
Electromagnetic compatibility EMC Prof. Yaacov Gavan
Electron Devices ED Prof. Gady Golan
Ariel University
Engineering in Medicine, Biology EMB Prof. Nathan Shaked
Tel Aviv University
Industrial Electronics
Industry Applications
IE+IA Prof. Irad Bengal,
Tel Aviv University
Information Theory IT Dr. Itzhak Tamo
Tel Aviv University
Life Member LM Dr. Jacob Baal-Schem
Photonics PHO Prof. Dan Marom,
Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Power Engineering PE Dr. Yoash Levron
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
Product Safety Engineering PSES Mr. Steli Loznen
I.T.L (Product Testing) Ltd.
Robotics and Automation RAS Prof. Hugo Guterman
Ben Gurion University
Signal Processing SP Prof. Arie Yeredor
Tel Aviv University
Solid State Circuits SSCS Dr. Solon Spiegel
Vehicular Technology VT Prof. Igal Bilik
Ben Gurion University
Women in Engineering WIE Dr. Alina Karabchevsky
Ben-Gurion University
Systems Engineering SYS Dr. Yaniv Mordecai
Motorola Solutions & MIT
Electronics Packaging EP Mr. Aviv Ronen
Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.

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