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ICSEE 2018 Transportation

Eilat, the southernmost city in the country, is considered the undisputed holiday capital of Israel. Geographically, the Gulf of Eilat is located at the edge of a long narrow estuary separating the Arabian Peninsula and the Sinai desert. As an oasis on the shores of the Red Sea, Eilat provides visitors with a spectacular combination of mountainous desert landscape, a beautiful bay and the summer sun that shines all through the year. Without a doubt, Eilat is one of the most unique cities in Israel, and one of the most exclusive resorts in the world

Flight – The shortest and most comfortable way to get to Eilat. Two Israeli airline companies operate daily flights to and from Eilat: , Arkia (IZ) Israir (6H). Prices are around 50-100 USD one way, depending on the season.

Travel Tip: Flights early in the morning or late at night are much cheaper than the others.

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Airports From TLV To Eilat

The airlines that use the small Shde Dov airport (located in north Tel Aviv) are Israir and Arkia.

Ben Gurion international airport (20 minutes drive from Tel Aviv) serves all 2 companies.

 Flights frequency

Number of flights changes according to demand, usually there are more flights on Sunday (first weekday).

Arkia: 8-9 daily flights (from Sde-Dob airport), 1-3 (from BG airport)

Israir: 4-5 daily flights (from Sde-Dob airport), 1-3 (from BG airport)

Domestic flights operating during Sunday 6:00 AM – 22:30 PM – Friday 06:00 AM-15:00 PM

Travel tip: There are no domestic flights from Friday afternoon till Saturday evening.

Which company to choose?
It doesn’t really matter,for the short flight to Eilat what matters is that you fly at the time of day that is most convenient to you and matches your itinerary.Airport location matters more, if you are in Tel Aviv it is easier to use Sde-Dov airport, on the other hand if you land in Israel at Ben Gurion airport and want to continue straight to Eilat then you should look for a connection from the same airport.

Arkia Airlines

Telephone: +972-3-6909698

Our hours (local time):
Sun.-Thu.: 08:00-19:00
Fri.: 08:00-13:00
Sat.: Closed
Email:     web@arkia.com   incoming@arkia.co.il

Arkia Travel – Arkia Incoming Tourism Department:
Telephone: +972-3-6902255
Email: incoming@arkia.co.il

Arkia Customer Service Department:
Telephone: +972-3-6902210
Fax: +972-3-6903311
Mailing Address:
Department of Customer Service
P.O. Box 39301 Tel Aviv, Israel 61392
Email: customer.service@arkia.co.il

Israir Airlines:  


Head office: 3 Hamelacha st. P.O. Box 51315 Tel Aviv 6721503 Israel
Phone number: +972 3 5109 589, +972 3 7954 038
Fax number: +972.3.7954 051
E-mail: site@israir.co.il

You can find schedule details on the flights and book here:

Israir website

Arkia website

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Israir website

Airports in or near Eilat

There are two airports that serve Eilat, the bigger and most frequently used is located at city center while the other is a very small airport about 50km (31 miles) north of Eilat (Ovda Airport).

Eilat airport

It’s located close to city center, it is very easy to commute from Eilat airport to all the hotels in Eilat.

After landing at Eilat, take a taxi from the station next to the terminal to your hotel, it shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes.

There is no parking in the airport itself, but there are two parking lots nearby.

Additional information

Airport code: ETH

Flights info service telephone: 1-700-705022 (press 2 for English).

Eilat airport website

Uvda Airport

Located approximately 50 kilometers north of Eilat.

In November 2015 RYANAIR, the leading low-cost airline in Europe, started operating 6 weekly flights to and from three new destinations in Europe.

Uvda Airport website

List of Airlines Flying to Uvda Airport


     Telephone:    3314-8169860

      Website:   http://www.aslairlines.fr/en/


      Telephone:  358-600140140

      Website:  http://www.finnair.com/


      Telephone: 44871-9405040

      Website: www.monarch.co.uk


     Telephone:  45-32820540

      Website:  https://primeraair.com/


      Website:   https://legacy.ryanair.com/


     Telephone:  352-27002728

      Website:  http://www.transavia.com/

Telephone:  7499-2710333

      Email:  helpdesk@vim-avia.com

      Website:  http://www.vim-avia.com/en/


      Telephone: 3389-2692123

      Website:   http://www.xl.com/en/

transportation fro Uvda Airport to Eilat

Bus No. 282

The Egged bus leaves the Uvda Airport approximately 30 – 60 minutes after landing.

Price: approximately 10 Euros, 40 shekels.

You can purchase your ticket from the bus driver (cash only, in shekels), or pay by credit card at Uvda airport, next to a baggage carousel. Please, arrive at the stop at least 20 minutes prior your boarding time. The timetable for Bus No.282 is synchronized with all flight arrivals/departures.

Arrivals: the bus will depart 60 minutes following the actual airplane landing in the airport.
: the bus will leave the Taba Border Crossing for Uvda Airport 3.5 hours prior to the flight’s scheduled departure.
Please note: changes in the airplane arrival / departure times will bring about corresponding changes in the bus departure times. Detailed information on the bus schedule changes following arrival/departure time changes can be obtained shortly before the planned flight or ride by phone from:
Additional Information: +972-3-9143711, +972-3-9143712
Opening hours: Sun. – Thu. 08:00 to 18:00

Taxi Taba – 300 shekels

Telephones: 972 -8-6333333 or 972 -8-6333339


Shuttle Bus

Shuttles from Uvda Airport to Eilat will cost approximately $ 8 per person.


Shuttles to and from the Uvda Airport can be reserved in advance through the website at: Http://www.eilatshuttle.com/

Shuttles for Ryanair travelers can be booked through the Ryanair website. Shuttles also coordinate with flights of Finnair, Wizz, Transavia and SAS airlines as well. Payment will be taken in Israeli Shekels at the exchange rate of that day.

Your booking date, time, or drop-off/pickup location can be changed without charge, but shuttles are non-refundable. This is because the shuttles are meeting flights of low cost airlines which are also non-cancelable.

International flights to Eilat:
Although most tourists that arrive to Israel by plane land at Ben Gurion international airport, it is also possible to enter the country via Eilat’s airport or Uvda airport. This option is best for those who do not plan on visiting Israel’s center or north, and wish to enter and leave Israel via Eilat.

There are many airlines that operate to Eilat, mainly from Europe.

**In case you have trouble booking tour connections flight to Eilat, do not hesitate please to contact:
Ms. Nava Levi
Tel: +972-3-5767733  Nlevy@paragon.com

Eilat airport code: ETH                 Ben Gurion int. airport code: BGU         Sde dov airport: SDV
Flights info service telephone: 1-700-705022 (press 2 for English).
For further information: Eilat airport website

CarIf you have the time, like to drive and see the landscape along the way, and especially if you are traveling with your family, this may be the way for you

How far is it?
The driving distance between Tel Aviv and Eilat is about 360km (224 miles) and can be done in 4-5 hours by car.

How much will it cost me?
This depends, of course, on your car and driving manner, and on the cost of fuel. An order of magnitude of NIS 500 for the round trip can be assumed.

Driving directions from Tel Aviv to Eilat:

We recommend using free navigator apps (such as WAZE or Google maps)

  1. Head south from Tel Aviv to Beer Sheva on highway no. 4 or 6 (toll), then connect to road no. 40 via roads 35 or 41.
    2. When you get near Beer Sheva you have 2 choices:
    First is to head for road 90 that leads straight to Eilat.
    Second is to drive though the Negev desert via Mitzpe Ramon (and optionally also via the Red Canyon), this one is a lot more interesting, with nicer landscapes and the beautiful Ramon crater that you don’t want to miss.

If you choose the first option:
3. Continue on road 40 and after you pass Beer Sheva take road 25 east.
4. At the end of the road take no. 90 towards south straight to Eilat.
On the way you may visit the unique and beautiful ‘Timna’ Park which is about 40 km north of Eilat on road 90.

If you choose the second option:
3. Continue south on road 40 towards Mitzpe Ramon.
Stop at the visitor center at the edge of the crater rim in Mitzpe Ramon town; allow at least 1 hour enjoying this beautiful and unique natural phenomena.
4. Continue on road 40 south. It starts with a nice drive inside the crater. You may stop at a few interesting points along the way (prolongs the journey for another half an hour to an hour).

  1. Again you have two options:
    First is to head east and connect to road 90 towards Eilat (not interesting).
    Second is to continue on road 40 south and connect to road 12 and later road 10. This one passes through the Red Canyon (on road 10 north-west of Eilat). Obviously this one is nicer. If you plan to take a day trip/guided tour to this area then don’t spend time on the way and drive directly to Eilat.

Car Travel tips:
1. Choose the way that passes via the Crater and Canyon.
2. The different options above yield a few routes that are very similar in length (a difference of maybe 10 km), even if you look at a map and think that the route via Mitzpe Ramon and Red Canyon is much longer, it is not… On the other hand, to enjoy the attractions along the way you do need to spend more time.
3. Avoid driving the roads south of Beer Sheva at night. Not that it’s not possible it is and many do just that,  for tourists that are not familiar with the roads, traffic and signs this may be a bit difficult and in a few sections of the route even a bit dangerous (sharp curves, high grades etc).

Bus – There are about 15 buses going from Tel Aviv to Eilat every day, on an average of every hour. The lines are lines number 390, 393 and 394, one way ticket per person is 70 NIS a ticket. Egged buses are very comfortable and the bus ride is quite nice, with one stop in Ein Yahav or Yotvata (2 hours before arriving in Eilat).

Bus Travel tips:
1. The buses are relatively comfortable and air conditioned, without toilets.  Take with you something to eat, a bottle of water and some magazines/travel guide book/music to pass the time.
2. Avoid taking the bus on Sunday morning (from Tel Aviv), or on Thursday (from Eilat), thus queues are long and the buses are packed.
3. Take the night line if you are on a tight budget and can sleep on a bus. You will leave Tel Aviv at midnight and arrive to Eilat at 5 AM.

For more information and ticket reservation, visit Egged website: www.egged.co.il/HomePage.aspx

Transportation in Eilat:

Eilat is a small place, but still if you want to travel around and enjoy Eilat’s attractions and activities, you cannot simply walk; you will need to use your rental car or public transportation, especially when traveling from north beach area to south beach area.

Car: Driving a car in Eilat is fairly simple.
Apart from the touristic center there are no parking problems. Make sure not to park on streets where the curbstones are red and white (no parking) or red and yellow (bus/taxi station).Blue and while means parking is permitted only with pay-and-display tickets.

Taxi: The main public transportation used by tourists are taxis, there are a lot of them all around town, and prices vary depending on the length of the journey.

Bus: There are a few bus lines of Egged in Eilat, some of them also pass near the airport.

Car rental in Eilat:

Arriving to Eilat by plane? Consider renting a car for your stay in Eilat, it will make your vacation a lot easier and comfortable. you will be able to get easily to all of the city attraction that are not near the center like the south beach, and especially to those that are around Eilat like Red Canyon, Timna Park and others.

There is no car rental office inside the airport; the offices are located in the town’s center not far from the airport.

There are a lot of car rental companies, here is a list of the recommended, those companies have branches in Eilat and Ben Gurion airport.

*Avis – rent.avis.co.il
*Eldan – rent.eldan.co.il
*Budget – www.budget.co.il
*Hertz – www.hertz.co.il

Travel tips:
1. If you plan to travel to Jordan or Egypt (Sinai peninsula) you will have to leave the car behind, it’s not allowed to leave Israel with it.
2. The offices listed above are closed on Saturdays, please plan accordingly.

General Information

For more information regarding the city of Eilat, a list of hotels and various accommodation options, please contact the Ministry of Tourism: www.tourism.gov.il  or Eilatinfo@tourism.gov.il.

Public Affairs – Border Terminals and Domestic Airports:
Email: contactlb@iaa.gov.il

Tel.: 972 -3-9758337​

Information regarding flights at Eilat or Uvda Airports:
Tel.: 1-700-705-022

Airport Management:

Tel: 972-8-6363838

Eilat Coordination Center:


Uvda Coordination Center:

Tel: 972-8-6309200

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