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Situated in Israel’s southernmost area, Eilat city has a vibrant yet laid-back vibe, a creative spirit and a diverse range of activities that make it one of the nation’s most popular destinations. Eilat is the perfect starting point for your Southern Israel and area adventure!! The city is home to countless restaurants, shopping districts, and a host of wild nature attractions.

ICSEE EILAT 2016Located in the heart of Eilat, overlooking the Red Sea you’ll find the ICSEE 2016 convention area within the Hilton Eilat Queen of Sheba hotel. Delegates and visitors can maneuver between the convention’s activities and free time activities. The hotel offers resort-like amenities, including a seafront pool, a spa, great dining venues, and an adjoining shopping mall.  All the attractions of Eilat are within easy reach, including Dolphin Reef and the North Beach and Promenade.

We hope you enjoy Eilat, Israel and the ICSEE 2016 convention!

IEEE Israel welcomes all members and visitors if the ICSEE 2016, we invite you all to explore all that the area has to offer.  Please refer to the usful links below  and take advantage of the special offerings made available to conference attendees.

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